Elegant & Stylish Pink Electronic Cigarettes Designed Exclusively For Women!

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With more and more smokers trying to kick the habit the demand for electronic cigarettes has sky rocketed to unprecedented heights and not only that, they have actually become one of the hottest new trends of the year among women, in fact it is not just enough for women to buy a traditional looking electronic cigarette, women are now looking for stylish electronic cigarettes that will compliment their wardrobes and fashion attire.

Pink electronic cigarettes are in particularly high demand these days largely due to the fact that many female celebrities have been spotted using them, celebrities like JWoww, katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have all begun using electronic cigarettes with pink e cigs being amongst their favorite.

Who would have ever imagined that electronic cigarettes would one day become a trendy fashion accessory?

Well, there is one company in the industry that did have the foresight to realise that electronic cigarettes would one day become fashionable and with that insight in mind they went on to develop a complete line of stylish electronic cigarettes and accessories
that will compliment even the most diserning fashion tastes...That company is VaporCouture.com
They are the only company in the world to design electronic cigarettes exclusively for women, and we have to agree that their line of E-cigs are absolutely gorgeous.

In our opinion you will not find a more stylish E-Cigarette anywhere, they have certainly cornered the market when it comes to elegance, style and sex appeal in an electronic cigarette and as a result their sales have exploded among women looking for fashionable e-cigs.

If pink electronic cigarettes are your color of choice we suggest you look at their #1 selling "Rose Gold" Model, the slim design, soft pink finish and crystal jeweled tip is sure to impress!

A variety of delightfully flavored cartridges will have you yearning to try them all
and they are the perfect compliment to the elegance, style and beauty that their line of electronic cigarettes have been crafted with.
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So why not get that pink electronic cigarette youv'e been looking for and save a genorous 15% at the same time, prices for a complete kit start at about $72.00 when you factor in the 15% disount, and let me tell you... You will not find a more elegant and stylish electronic cigarette of this quality anywhwere, these Ecigs are smply the nicest looking and highest quality in our opinion.

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Get 15% Off Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits With Our Special Dicount Code: giveme15

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere then you have no doubt heard about VapourCouture's Parent Company V2cigs.com, They are the undisputed #1 leader in the electronic cigarette industry with over 1,000,000 satisfied customers and growing fast.

Their commitment to excellence and innovation has put them in a league of their own and we encourage you to browse their website.

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